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Swifty and the Wife Killer

In Roger F. Greaves awesome new novel, Swifty King and the Wife Killer, the wife killer in question is one Dan Chanute, and Swifty King, advisor, is given the assignment to search for Dan, whose father is as rich as Croesus. The team of old boys, now smooth practitioners of the their current calling, find larceny, greed, sex and underworld influences along with hills of money and the criminals who gather around them like sharks to bloody water. On the shady side of legal is where Swifty operates best, but this is an assignment that comes as close to heartbreak for the crew, as they get more than they bargain for on a south sea island and on a worldwide pursuit. Dan Chanute is innocent, but he did pull the .22 revolver’s trigger that was fired at his wife’s head.

Major headaches on the crime-fighting landscape ruled over by Roger F. Greaves are truly world class. How Swifty rides this one through is one for the books, and it is a major event in the genre. Greaves, from Swifty King’s novel one onwards, has stamped his own brand of hard-boiled extravaganza in the genre, as irresistible as a shot of single malt on the rocks in a bar on a very hot day out on the streets.


Swifty King, Advice

Roger F. Greaves grew up in the Los Angeles area. During his more than five decades involved with the business community, government and the military he has come in contact with many unique personalities. He chronicles some of them in the “Swifty” novels. Roger is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach. He is an air force veteran, a private pilot a compulsive story teller. Roger and his wife Erika reside with their two “Westies” in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are active in business, political and community affairs in Arizona and California.


Swifty And The Magic Man

Laced with intrigue and surprise, this Swifty adventure takes the hero into the depths of Somali Pirate country, back to Vegas, and into the inner workings of an exotic criminal organization. Blackmail, betrayal, mystery, and secrecy abound in this tale of friendships gone awry and family members shunned and exploited for pay. Swifty spent two years in federal lock up and was forced to change his name. Unable to find a regular job, Swifty put his jail house education to work. His profession takes him to strange places, but it is right back home when he tries to help his old friend, Count Montecello the Magician, that he finds himself immersed in a caldron of corruption he may never escape. Swifty is aided by the usual cast of characters who enrich this tale of deceit, murder, blackmail . . . and strange friendships.



Swifty King was convicted of a crime that he did not commit. Yet, in a strange twist, it was the best thing that happened to him. He struggles between love and hate for the father figure who caused him to go to jail while he gains more from “the man” than Artie Leonardo took from him.

Artie is a convicted felon, a decorated Veteran of WWII, a legitimate businessman, and a father. As he struggles to guide his son Jake and make up for what he did to Swifty, he learns more about himself.

Swifty’s beautiful but disapproving wife Kim also gains from the relationship and ultimately finds her life in the hands of “the man” and his influence. As she faces a life-threatening disease, it is Artie and his influence that hold out the only hope for her survival.

Aside from the story’s main characters, Greaves also gives life to side characters lurking in the shadows who helped make Swifty and Kim become who they are—Swifty’s brilliant best friend who narrates, his jailhouse mentors, Kim’s boss who rises from nothing to riches, Kim’s sister, Swifty’s former two-timing girlfriend, and many others.

Packed with a remarkable plot and notable characterization, Swifty gives readers an insightful and entertaining read from start to finish.


Swifty and the Terrorists

Swifty King and Kyle Faust are lured by a former nemesis into the search for a program that progressively influences behaviors and could threaten the world. Aided by a tough, smart pal named Kelly, the fellows chase all over the world, searching for the Synthenet and its financial master.

In their quest, the boys use another former adversary as bait and almost get her and Swifty killed. Kyle takes out his first bad guys, and both guys screw up their love lives. What’s new? Just another (figurative) day at the office for Swifty and Kyle. This time, their office turns out to have the smell of cordite and salt.

Swifty King gets lonesome, so he invited his pal Kyle Faust into the “advice” business. It turns out that Kyle fits well because they are both a little nuts.

Kyle is busy trying to solve a problem for the son of one of his ex-wives when he and Swifty eventually discover there is a nexus between the kid’s dilemma and this strange Synthenet thing. In the process, Swifty has a near-death experience, and Kyle ends up having to shoot back when he encounters bad guys.

As usual, with these gents, it is mile-a-minute fun and games with a twist around every corner. Imagine how a couple of senior citizens who still think they are thirty deal with the aches and pains of age while they measure up to the challenges of today.

The adventures are never in short supply with Swifty Inc., and neither are the convoluted switches and changes. Come join Swifty and the Terrorists again!


Swifty and Conspiracy Control

Swifty King’s adventures have been detailed in five previous novels. He is the proprietor of Swifty King, Advice (SKA), and along with his partner, retired businessman Kyle Faust, he provides the kind of advice and negotiation that governments and private citizens cannot do on their own. Recently, the two men, along with some special colleagues, put a stop to an international conspiracy to influence minds using all forms of media, including video games. The intent was to inspire creative souls on the edge to work together to upend society as we know it. The evil mind behind this plan was thwarted once, but now he is back. Somehow, he has gained release and has continued his evil plan. Swifty and Kyle are involuntarily sucked into this world again. Swifty is kidnapped, tortured, and reintroduced to an old friend by a sadistic enforcer. The “brain’s” new man really enjoys inflicting pain and indiscriminate murder.

All the while, the guys have to deal with the business, which includes bailing out a movie producer and finding an answer to the kidnapping of his wife. It is an almost insurmountable challenge that takes these characters halfway around the world and nearly costs Swifty his life! Along the way, Swifty bonds with a former target, and Kyle finds a new love. It is harrowing, dangerous, and sometimes fun but never dull.



SWIFTY KING and his partner KYLE FAUST are in the ADVICE business. The “Razzle Dazzle” has them advising a woman with a sordid past how to deal with an anonymous threat, received in a mysterious, Chanel laced, Pink Envelop.

As she struggles to protect her family business and a high powered son, who plays fast and loose in high finance, the boys have to pull the truth from the family in order to protect them. The effort leads them into strange territory.

While dealing with Millie Corkley’s issues, the guys have a challenge with Kyle’s former corporate pilot, who is on the run from partners who have hired a “hit man” to force him to conform with an agreement. The Pilot, Marco, makes it tough for our heroes as he gets mixed up with a female felon who is very hard to handle.

Both adventures, lead Swifty and Kyle to employ the “Razzle Dazzle” in order to deal with this convoluted mess.